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  • Helps you get rid of spams, viruses and unwanted e-mails

    Whats new in version 7.9.0:
    • Synch checks to now run daily if MailWasher is left running
    • Added checkbox into Delete column header to mark all emails for delete
    • Added Performance option Enable for screenreaders, defaults to Off
    • Added slider to Performance settings to control how much text is sent through Quick Reply/Forward
    • Improved Contact Importer
    • Improved Account Importer
    • Fix for Recursive Call to UI Automation crash
    • Fix for Blacklisted domains autodeleting when sender address is on Friends List
    • Fix for crash when removing entry from blacklist
    • Fix for crash on suspend
    • Added extra logging for crash when opening certain URLs
    • Database upgrade to prevent duplicate entries in Blacklist and FriendsList
    • Updated Language files

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